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The Asbipro Group, for all your insulation needs
Welcome to the Asbipro Group


Asbipro, distributor of technical insulation


Technical Insulation

Since 1951 Asbipro Distribution has been gaining considerable product and market expertise as distributor of thermal, acoustic and fire resistant insulation for markets like the industry, marine and construction. This guarantees our clients and the various markets serviced by us reliable stocks and quick deliveries.

Asbipro even delivers custom-made technical insulation. Choosing Asbipro will guarantee unique, dimensionally stable hard- and/or soft-foam and mineral-wool insulation products.

Flamepro, fire protection systems


Fire-resistant Systems

Flamepro specializes in technical consulting, guidance and delivery of fire-resistant systems. Combining years of experience and a huge database of testing results, Flamepro will show you the way towards the optimal fire prevention system.

Whether it concerns building constructions or fire-resistant walls and floors, fire-resistant covering of steel constructions or recess filling around mains, cables- and ducts lead-throughs: Flamepro is your safe choice.

Alert insulation, custom made insulation for construction

Alert Isolatie

Customized insulation for construction

Alert Insulation is often referred to as the specialist for mineral wool in the building industry.

The ability to produce custom-made products enables Alert to offer a wide selection of customized solutions.

Apart from supplying customized insulation materials, Alert is an ideal partner for advice and technical calculations and will certainly prove her value to your company.

Hydrorock International, the green label in water management

Hydrorock International

Hydrorock, the green label in water management

Hydrorock International BV is a Dutch company focussed on sustainable water management. Hydrorock offers a wide range of solutions for separating rainwater, water buffering, drainage, infiltration and irrigation. Hydrorock uses the insulation material stone wool as basis material and turning it to an unique product. Hydrorock® is the result of an intensive collaboration between two companies originating from the isolation- and rock wool substrate branch: Rockwool and the Asbipro group.

What is The Asbipro Group?

The members of the Asbipro Group are all active in the insulation industry. They constantly work on innovations for the various product- and market combinations.

Thanks to this collaboration, the Asbipro Group can offer a total solution for all insulation needs. As the Asbipro Group we provide a huge assortment of thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulations materials. Our insulation products come in all shapes and sizes, including rigid foam, mineral wool and elastomeric insulation. We produces and distribute these products for multiple markets such as HVAC, ship-building, horticulture, O.E.M., residential-, commercial- and industrial constructions.

Hydrorock International proofs the group is constantly innovating. Hydrorock turns the (insulation material) stone wool to a product with unique features. This makes it an ideal product for buffering- and infiltration surface- and rain water. With Hydrorock International the Group expands into the sustainable water industry.

Our strength is in our excellent service and reliability as a partner in knowledge and logistic. We like to help our contractors, installers, clients and advisors by thinking along with them, by providing energy calculations, training, seminars and advice for example. Together we can take up every challenge and always offer a fitting solution.

The members of the Asbipro Group

Insulation Innovation is in our DNA

DNA is the building block of life.

It is small and you can’t see it with the naked eye.

But it is very important. It makes us who we are.

Something small is needed, to build something great.

Our clients develop the future. They create the highest skyscrapers and the safest homes. The biggest ships and the most sustainable manufacturing facilities. Whatever the character or the size of a project might be, our clients always think big. And as the Asbipro Group, we think along with them.

Insulation is essential on projects were safety and sustainability are key factors. It is a small part that has a major impact.

Something small, for something great.

A building block that deserves some careful consideration. A task we gladly assist our clients with. Throughout the years we have been involved in various prestigious projects across the globe.

We like to share some of that experience with you, by providing service, quality and knowledge. The DNA of the Asbipro Group contains all insulation disciplines. That’s why we can offer our clients a total solution for all their insulation needs. By sharing knowledge and experience between the members of the Asbipro Group, they keep reinforcing each other and never stop innovating.

Insulation-innovation is in our DNA.

So our clients can keep building a great future.